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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  April 3, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪ [ theme music ] ♪ oh, well hello current tv fans good morning. how are you? [ laughter ] >> first day i overslept for my new tv show. this makeup job i did it in 20 seconds. >> you have that brenda bacaro thing going on in your voice. >> we have still pulled together
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a show. alan alan grayson calling in. a kongman just emailed me watching on current. and i'm like great. can you come on? yes. >> sweet. >> i do it during cocktail hour so i don't know who else i booked. >> oh, god, carrot top. >> now let's get some real news. >> here is what is current. president obama is going to be speaking at and taking questions at a lunch on in d.c. off of the associated press. he plans to hit hard against the house republican budget. he is a trojan horse designed to look like a deficit reduction plan but it is going to cut the services and training we need to grow the middle class the republican presidential
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candidates have primaries today, but only one of the candidates is in one of those states. mitt romney is going to have lunch at cousins subs in wisconsin. we have rick santorum heading to mars, the borough, not the planet? pennsylvania. ron paul in cheeco california. and newt gingrich's new strategy is to focus on delaware. it is an inexpensive media market and a small state. he is going after mitt romney's delegates. ♪
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>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
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♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the stephanie miller show. ♪ >> huh it is the stephanie miller show, proving you can wake up and put makeup on in 20 seconds. hello, everybody. the website.
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you can email us there. as i was saying earlier -- the top of the hour, thank god i booked the show during cocktail hour, just based on the people watching current. our great congressman from the great state of kentucky saying i hope to talk to you. and i wrote him back, and said great when are you coming on. and charlie pierce our pal from and carlos rocky. >> and you are -- >> i'm the voice of the taco bell chihuahua. i was the voice on the old stephanie miller show. >> that's right. and now look what happened to you. >> yeah, they get up at 5:00 every day. >> thanks, carlos. >> 4:00. >> 4:00?
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>> uh-huh. >> is it wisconsin primary day, along with d.c. and maryland. >> uh-huh. >> i just love -- this 2012 primary has finally found some dignity. santorum stopped short of dawning a cheese head. [ applause ] >> he did not wear the foam cheese head. cheese heads, rolle poly cheese heads. >> he said he'll eat their cheese and drink their beer although you won't find rick santorum wearing the cheese triangle on his head. >> oh! >> he declined the offer of dawn -- >> that would seem undignify. >> yeah, that would make this race seem ridiculous. >> tawdry. >> tawdry in some day. no he is a pittsburgh steelers
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fan, of course. while he and his wife chewed on squeaky cheese curd. >> that's the only kind of cheese curd there is. >> i am not going to put this iconic hat on, i'm a steelers fan. in other news santorum didn't stop the reality show from putting their cheese heads on. [ laughter ] >> just when he was going to reclaim his dignity. how many are there? >> 20 and counting. >> 20 home schooled kids with the cheese head on. >> at least he got his dignity back. [ applause ] >> also the green bay packers are a socialist team. they are owned by the entire
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city of green bay. that's why he hates them. >> that's a 99% team. [ laughter ] >> i hate those stinky people. >> and i still did not see -- he only dropped half an n-word. that seemed fairly clear. >> yes. >> kenny's pick in cleveland sent a collection. >> i don't want to make -- white people's lives better. wow! >> i have got to talk to here come here. >> can't you see that that man is a nit. [ applause ] >> could have happened. [ laughter ] >> who can tell which is from the real republican and which is from " blazing saddles"?
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>> i think it is going to wednesday people eating around a campfire. >> that's undignified. >> right? >> especially for santorum. >> oooooooooh! [ buzzer sounds ] >> all right. here is what we have to look forward to. ann romney says we just need to let the real mittens out -- >> i think she had unzip him -- >> well, they have many children so she probably has experience with that. >> a good choice of words. >> yeah, they said he was a little stiff. >> she suggested the real version of her husband is not out yet. >> really? >> he is like a hulk kind of thing? he is going to split out of his checkered shirt or what? [ laughter ] >> she told a radio show we better unzip him and let the
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real mitt romney out. she was asked if she understood why people think mitt romney comes out stiff. >> yeah. >> where is the porn capitol? oh, yes, utah. the consumers of it. >> she said it's so funny to me that this perception is out there. he's engaging and witty. he is pretty, witty, and wise. ♪ i feel witty, oh so witty ♪ >> she said he is not stiff at all. ♪ unlet mitt romney out ♪ ♪ who let mitt romney out ♪ >> awe, these are pancakes, pancakes. ♪ >> awe these are pancakes. pancakes. grit cars.
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♪ what if i said we should unzip him ♪ ♪ who unzipped mitt romney now ♪ [ applause ] >> who was that? >> mike raleigh. you rock it. >> he is a little stiff, so we have to unzip him and let him out. >> oh, my god. >> in the complain of comedic highlights that might have been it. now mitt romney has a google problem too. i think a lot more people googling me. who knows. look at this. maxine and ross they saw my film. hi stephanie you were terrific in "just right." thank you.
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[ applause ] >> there's not many people that have seen my film. >> you were an extra in "shattered vows." >> that was a tv movie. i had to wear a wool habit in the valley in the summer. it was an extra. >> imbb still says you were in "happy birthday to me." >> listen, would take all of the credits i can. >> probably one of those other stephanie millers who keep getting arrested. >> and they play basketball. every day on my google stephanie miller us in alert there is a stephanie miller that made a shot in basketball somewhere. >> it's some kind of junior dike name what can i say? [ laughter ] >> yeah, it's my one -- >> uh-huh. >> and smith?
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>> yes. my feature film. thank you. thank you for watching. appreciate. [ applause ] >> didn't they do it on a plane or something. it played somewhere. >> every once in a while it shows up on show time or something. >> but you have never been killed in a movie. >> no. >> i have been killed twice. in "spiderman," and in "chill-o-rama," i get killed. >> it was like charlie sheen at the hands of a pissed-off producer. i wonder how they'll kill me on current. >> weren't you in "room at the top" as well. >> no the airline movie with gwynneth paltrow. i played myself.
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paltrow is in a bar, and i'm on a television in the back of the bar interviewing -- [ laughter ] >> so sort of. >> kind of. >> yes. exactly. >> and didn't you have to play an interviewer for some super model, like cindy crawford or something? >> oh, yes. why are we getting into these stories? yes. it was for a revlon commercial and i was like her comedy toy. i would interview her off camera, and my voice wasn't in it, i was like a circus chimp my job was oh cindy -- to make her laugh and seem more life like. >> i played a news reporter alongside christine hunt. she was the original double-headed bleach bond. >> this is the interview.
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i'm on tv now. [ laughter ] >> with the cell phone, just the one finger. yeah, i don't have time to talk to the comedy monkey now but maybe later. >> that is similar to i don't have time for the little people anymore. >> right. >> i'm not looking at you. don't forget how unimportant you were. >> that's like madlock -- >> oh, yeah with dick van dyk. "diagnosis murder." yes, i played -- i played an insanely ambitious talk radio host -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> -- who killed laura miller for her time slot. [ laughter ] ♪ >> she is not in regular radio
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anymore, is she? ♪ >> stop it. the president is going to give the budget monsters an ass whipping. >> yeah, 12:30 eastern. >> he said he thinks the healthcare law will be upheld and he said a lot of experts agree with him. i thought that was surprising. >> not one of his fans? >> no, i am not one of your fans! all right. [ laughter ] >> what? >> you can't make me watch. >> i'm going to make a prediction -- >> wonderful eddie. >> i won't go! i won't! i won't! >> i think he will nervously shave off his widow's peak in anticipation. kids we could not operate her
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without going to meeting, because we're all over the place. we're in all different cities. we have the tour team. we have people now. >> we do have people. >> we have never had people before. go to meetings and be able to attach a photo with a name is important. it's seriously amazing. it lets you meet face-to-face anywhere in the world. go to meeting you can all see each other and see the same document, same graphics, whatever. probably that thing is in go to meeting, and i was like yes, i love the wonder woman side. just down the free go to meeting app to join. we love it here. my listeners can try go to meeting free for 30 days. >> what? >> what? >> what? >> 19 minutes after the hour. right back on the stephanie
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miller show. >> this is the dirtiest show i have ever been on in all of my life. >> announcer: it's the stephanie miller show. ♪
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v the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ 24 minutes -- oh, is this in
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honor of letting the mitt out? >> yeah. >> unzip it. let it out. let's go to zach in madison. hi, zach. >> hi, stephanie how are you doing? >> good. happy primary republican day. >> this is the official biochem for the "stephanie miller show." >> oh, yeah. >> it's my 30th birthday today. >> happy birthday. >> i'm votering for barack obama today and just vote my conscious. i really love you guys. >> it never goes well the first time. >> the sexy miller show. i will be there, for the second time. >> oh, awesome. it's going to be a par and then
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a tay. sweet. i bet he listened the first in tel-aviv. tim you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> i saw [ indiscernible ] on the "today show." >> how is she doing? >> she was asking about the candidates vetting. she said they vetted me and i my resume is better than any of them. >> oh sure. sure. [ laughter ] >> and he said welcome to the main stream media, you are part of it. >> it sounds like you are not laughing at her, tim, you are laughing really hard at her. [ applause ] >> all right. he is thoroughly as vetted as she was. >> yeah. she was covered in newspapers. >> oh, and all of them. so she started with a
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[overlapping speakers]. >> so awesome. >> i guess waving enough cash in front of her face is enough for her to forget her values about the main stream media. >> yes, bag of cash. >> okay. with a dollar sign on the side of it. >> jim in illinois you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, jim. >> hi stephny i wanted to say something about obama warning the supreme court about overturning obamacare. first of all i don't think he understands the purpose of the judicial branch and the supreme court. >> really? well he is a constitutional law scholar -- >> yeah, where would he know about that? >> it's funny because unlike obama i have argued before in appellate cases -- >> were you the head of the harvard law review as well? >> i was not. >> no. >> but i also tried to find law review articles that he wrote, and you can't find them
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anywhere. which is interesting. >> i see, because he has no past, right? >> the supreme court -- >> he left them in kenya, probably, right? >> i have no idea -- >> i'm just saying probably right? >> out of the country in hawaii somewhere. >> as far as the supreme court, he said the supreme court should not overturn the mandate by congress. and it's just like -- >> that would be judicial overreach, judicial activism -- >> what appellate court did you argue in front of? >> illinois appellate court. >> okay. where did you go to school? >> john marshall law school, because i was working as a cpa and i went to law school. >> okay. so you have a better understanding of constitutional law than the president?
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>> i don't think the president has any idea as far as the practice of law. he has never tried a case. he may have -- >> i see. >> he knows the law pretty well. >> he does. >> yes he does. >> that was probably just an affirmative action pick the head of the harvard law review. >> i have no idea. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> all i'm talking about is his legal experience. >> all right. honey. jim, i appreciate it. we're running out of time. >> thank you stephanie. >> thank you for letting us play with you like a cat toy. >> it takes more than arguing before a judge to know law. [ applause ] >> he is probably arguing about parking tickets. >> yeah. that's different than constitutional law. >> the sign said i could park there for two hours. [ laughter ] >> and that guy -- >> okay. former and future congressman alan grayson next on the
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"stephanie miller show." >>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that.& we're keeping it real.
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is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> once you open the box it loses it value. >> yeah, yeah my mom gave me the same lecture. [ laughter ] >> it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. call toll free from anywhere. it's my favorite. ♪ >> announcer: and now it's time for congressman alan grayson. and your chance to face though grayson. >> good morning, former and future. >> good morning. was that a joke about trainer's
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cat right now. i can't believe you do physics jokes on the air? >> yes, we are the only place. >> so current told you that those jokes are okay, then? >> i don't think they are aware of what they have done yet. >> it has got to have some consequences, right? you are not still doing all of that explicit sex on the air? >> not quite as much frontal nudie. >> it is still basic cable. >> speaking of which, i saw the picture of you with stephanie. >> i sent that picture to sean hannity. it was between me and my smoking-hot girlfriend and i said this could be you in the middle. i said all of my favorites have
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done it, alan grayson. the president let's get your reaction to this. the president yesterday on the supreme court. >> ultimately i'm confident that the supreme court will not take what would be an unprecedented extrordanaire step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress. >> i was somewhat surprised, but he went on to say that many conservative legal scholars that he knows that are not fans of the law agree with him. >> what did you expect him to say that there are five right-wing clowns on the court right now -- [ laughter ] >> he wanted to. >> yeah. >> what else could he possibly say? i think actually to some extent the white house has constrained
6:36 am
the legal arguments here and that could have an effect on the outcome. i have no problem in defending the emergency room fee. that's what i call it. you have to pay for the fact that some day you are hit by a truck and you could end up in the emergency room and therefore, you have to pay for it. i have no problem with that. it's a tax. the white house went way out of its way to prevent the lawyers or anybody else associated with the administration to calling it a tax. taxing is something the government can do and therefore, they had to dance around it in court and talk about broccoli instead. >> you drove the right wing insane, because, a that's what you do, and b, you said hurry up and die. if you strike down the mandate, there you go, right? >> yeah, the interesting thing
6:37 am
is we have had close to a dozen different serious republican candidates almost all of whom lead the polls in iowa at one time or another. and not one of whomever proposed anything that actually would allow six people in this country to see a doctor with 50 million people who have no coverage except for the 2006 version of mitt romney no longer exists apparently. no other major republican figure of any kind has explained how we can deal with this problem. they seem to be living in invisible hand fantasy land where all of the problems are solved by the so-called free market, including this one. >> a lot of people alan have made the argument that of course we had to go with the mandate. obviously what you and i and most people would like is medicare for all. either single payer or at least a public option. the fact is the mandate is what we had to settle for, right?
6:38 am
>> no, i don't think those two things are exclusive. i introduced the fourth-page bill that would allow anybody to buy in to medicare costs. and i don't think they have to do with the same thing. and i think that the bill has incredible value, whether or not the individual mandate is sound constitutional. i said i would vote for any bill that could save lyes and money. this bill does both. if you look at the harvard study -- i talked about this on the show before -- take two identical people, same gender race, one of whom has health coverage and the other does not. the one without health coverage is 40% more likely to die every year. the bill substantially reduces the number of americans -- down to close to nothing who have no health coverage.
6:39 am
it will save 40,000 lives a year. in addition, it saves $100 billion over time. in fact if you look at the ten-year span of the bill it's much more than that. it's close to a trillion. this bill saves lives and money with or without the individual mandate. >> what is your take on what is going to happen in the supreme court? >> the funny thing is actually i worked with two of them before they were justices when they were just mere judges. and notwithstanding that, the answer is i don't know. >> yeah. >> there's a four-judge block on one side of the court. there's a four-judge block on the other side of the court. and justice kennedy is often completely unreadable, and basically makes all of these decisions for the whole country. that's what he did in the citizen's united case. a decision that has devastated the political system.
6:40 am
>> yeah, and apparently frank luntz is writing these days. it's amazing how politicized these right-wing judges have become. >> i think it has always been that way. i think in general the legal system tries to make it seem like a wizard of oz when really it is a small-gray-haired man behind the curtain. and the fact that you are on tv now, that eliminates the fact that you are a small gray-haired man. [ laughter ] >> i always heard a hyper hyper7-year-old girl. >> that's close to the truth.
6:41 am
how do the polls play out. because santorum is saying romney is the worst republican in the world, and also he would like to be vice president. >> clearly this movie needs a third act. we need somebody to jump in and say no they are no good. i'll be the republican nominee. >> right. >> that's what the republicans seem to want but nobody jumped in yet -- >> sarah palin, as soon as she is done with "the today show," she is ready to serve. >> pancakes in an ihop. >> yeah. >> it looks like it is going to be romney, and i'm not really happy about that. i think he is mostly harmless but he is a faker. the thing i keep thinking about is the hunter story? >> that he hunts small varmints? >> he said he was a life-long
6:42 am
hunter, and it turned out he had only hunted twice in his life. once in 1962 and the other time in 2007. he hunts at least once each century whether he needs to or not. >> just for food. >> he is a faker. he -- he is a faker. and it's unfortunate that we have to go through that. why can't they come up with anybody who is a decent human being to run for president on the other side of the aisle. >> well he clearly only hunted for food because of his hard scrabble upbringing. obviously you are in florida and the country as well as florida has been really consumed with the trayvon martin case. we were saying yesterday, boy, they don't even take a pause the gun lobby to take a second. what is your take on all of that? >> regarding the law, it has clearly done a lot of harm.
6:43 am
you are talking about what some people call the stand your ground law, which has always been called the shoot to kill laws. if you look at justified homicides, they are put in the category of justifiable homicides because the law applies to them. they were in the 30s each year up until 2005 when the law was passed. and then as soon as the law was passed they shot up above a hundred. so because of this shoot to kill law, we have seen a number of so-called justifiable homicides triple in florida and stay tripled year after year after year. that seems to me to be a pretty bad law. >> it's all the usual suspects. the koch brothers, and the alec group, and the nra, and it's state by state. and you would think there would
6:44 am
at least be a moment to pause and reflect on this. but this has really been the worst of the worst this whole trayvon martin coverage hasn't it? >> the police feel like they are boxed in. they should have arrested him. i'm -- i'm going to say right now that regardless of their interpretation of the law -- and i think the law does not apply to this situation, because it deals with people who are put into life-threatening situation, not people who chase you through the neighborhood and shoot you in the chest. >> right. >> but be that as it may, i talked to the police. i have been to a number of the public event, and the police' point of view is that the law specifically says if the law applies, then they can't arrest someone. and you also by the way, isn't even sue civilly so they can't even end up with an o.j.-type
6:45 am
situation. >> i thought i heard because of the neighborhood watch situation, that he was a neighborhood watch captain, that the community could actually be sued. >> that is true, but that doesn't necessarily put him in any sort of risk. it's just plainly obvious here what has to happen. he has to be arrested. from the evidence i have seen he'll be tried and convicted. if you are claiming that you acted solely out of fear but then just seconds before you shot the kid, you said f-ing coon, the jury is going to be able to sort that one out. >> so you think there will be an arrest, i think that's the best news i have heard. >> well, there ought to be. nobody can force law enforcement officials to do something like that. but as i said the law, i think pretty clearly does not apply. >> but isn't -- >> they brought in a new sheriff and prosecutors and maybe
6:46 am
they'll see the light of day. >> but as a lawyer it is too late in the sense that a lot of the most basic police work was not done. they didn't do any of the things they should have done at the crime scene -- >> well they tested trayvon's body for drugs. >> yeah. >> the basic elements of the story are well-known and recorded on the 911 call. there's no doubt about who shot whom here. it's not as if some magical person came down from a helicopter, took a shot at trayvon and then jumped back into the helicopter.% the only thing that seems to be any dispute is who zimmerman acted out of hatred or fear? and i think that's a very artificial distinction. if you see a 17-year-old boy in a neighborhood that is one quarter black, if you see a 17-year-old boy talking through your neighborhood, and you have
6:47 am
never seen him before and -- and for no reason other than the color of his skin you fear him enough to shoot him in the chest? that's not a good defense. >> yeah, you don't even have to have all of the fancy harvard degrees you have mr. grayson. [ laughter ] >> thanks so much for your time honey. talk to you soon. >> okay. thank you. >> he is cuddly too. >> what does the lovely and talented mrs. grayson think of this? >> she wasn't there. 48 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show" >> announcer: join the party 1-800-steph-12. winner bill press joins current's morning news block. >>i know what i'm talking about and i love it and i try to bring that to the show.
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i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours?
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct. ♪
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ >> it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 53 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 toll free from anywhere. tim in oshkosh, you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> good morning. i'm calling from wisconsin and nobody cares. folks are much more focused on the recall thank for scott walker. >> yeah, that was my sense of it. apparently you haven't been
6:53 am
envelen en en -- enveloped in the mitt-mitten yet. i love things that almost cause mitt to make a facial expression. i nope ann romney is right. i hope they unzip him. i hope we realize it is a rage-a-holic in there. it's rick santorum are you [ censor bleep ] kidding me? let's go to stephanie. hi, steph. >> hi, guys. first of all congratulations on current tv. >> thank you. >> you so deserve it and, you know, it's just a smart move because we need progressives out there. >> thank you. thank you. >> but here is my election day -- and i'm fired up. you know i was going to vote for rick santorum as a joke to give
6:54 am
him a surge. >> that's perfect because he is running as a joke. >> yeah -- but no -- no f-ing way am i going to vote for someone that used the n-word. and he used the n-word. that is crappy. in no way will i ever -- anyone will ever get a vote from me even if it's a joke just to mess with mittens. >> i'm surprised at the lack of the media coverage. most of us normal people heard that -- come on. you got halfway through the word and oh, i misspoke again. >> it's just ridiculous. it shows how screwed up people are, that they can't voice their opinion on how wrong and evil and rotten that is. >> yeah. >> i'm just so doggone sick of it.
6:55 am
and i can't wait to see you on april 14th. >> and save some of that rage for the recall by the way. in a primary full of head whines -- headlines -- >> whatever. >> increasingly mitt romney is eating into rick santorum's base. [ laughter ] >> oh well there's an image. i wonder if he unzipped before he did that. >> yeah? >> the way to santorum's surge is leading to a spurt in his fund-raising. [ applause ] >> what? what did i say? >> they are telling me in my ear i need to spend more time with mr. google. >> i need to leave it there. >> let's go to ad in north carolina. >> hi. >> hi. >> i have three quick things to
6:56 am
say. >> okay. >> though first one is think about this. if the supreme court strikes down the mandate for healthcare reform, they are basically saying that any and all legislation or amendments written by conservative think tanks and conservative lobbyists are at their very foundation unconstitutional. >> yep. >> like -- >> scroll leah seems to be so annoyed -- i would love it if they replace it with alan grayson's four-page. >> you are right. this gives us the opportunity to step forward and say your idea didn't work. it's our turn now. and the other thing is rick santorum using the n-word. he is shoving out gingrich. how? by not using gingrich's code
6:57 am
word and showing gingrich's fans i'm willing to go that extra step. it's the right hole which is what i call the new right-wing republican party the right hole. >> just don't bring up santorum around that hole. >> no. all right. dan in san diego, go ahead. >> hey, how is it going? whoo! >> whoo! >> congratulations on the show. >> thanks. >> i'm 22 year old, and i go to school here and trayvon it's racism. let's call it what it is. >> yep. call it pure and simple what it is. we have chairly pierce of don't go away. the "stephanie miller show" ♪
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en ♪ hello. why hello, current tv fans. this is us preparing to do the second hour of the radio show. and by preparing what do we mean in radio? in my case it means shoving pizza in my face. jim what are you doing to prepare? >> shoving coffee and water in my face alternatively. >> he is hung over.
6:59 am
we are preparing for charlie pierce coming up from, and also right-wing world. who wants an extra helping of ducey. it's a dessert topping and a contraceptive foam. no it's not. >> there is a guy in illinois who doesn't think that he knows what he is talking about. >> yeah, we had a right-wing caller that called in so we would toy with him like a cat toy. now it's time for jackie. >> here is what is current. it is primary day in wisconsin, maryland, and d.c. and a bunch of new outlets have articles titled the five things to watch for in the primaries. the first one who wins and by how much? that seems obvious.
7:00 am
but how much is important, because if mitt romney wins by a lot, it could seriously hobble santorum as he tries to make it to the pennsylvania primary. the second one is who votes? and that is important because if mitt romney takes the suburbs, it then means that maybe conservatives are finally coming around to him. and the third is turnout, and that is an indicator of how much enthusiasm that might be for the general election and the recall vote for scott walker. it is not a winner take all state, there are 37 delegates up for grabs, but mitt romney is probably going to win it and take most if not all of those delegates. and romney is also preparing to get a serious influx of cash. he is going to start fund-raising with the rnc. an individual can give $75,000
7:01 am
as opposed to $2,500. we'll be right back. ♪
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i don't just talk about politics, i've lived politics. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>bringing you exactly what's happening in politics today by people who know what they're talking about. >>d.c. columnist and four time emmy winner bill press joins current's morning news block. >>i know what i'm talking about and i love it and i try to bring that to the show.
7:04 am
♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe oh i'm walking on sunshine woe oh and don't it feel good ♪ >> aha it is the "stephanie miller show." 6 minutes after the hour, the phone number toll free from anywhere to join the party. charlie pierce of joining us in about a half hour.
7:05 am
stephanie check it out. >> i posted a question of alan grayson sandwich. >> yeah. with me and my smoking-hot boyfriend. >> that picture shut him up. >> oh, well. crickets now crickets. >> i wonder if that picture is now dirty. >> oh, well. >> you would have to block out alan grayson. >> he may have already green screened himself into that sandwich, who knows. we could ask him if he was man enough to come on the show. >> we spent the summer in arizona now we can watch you every day on tv. [ applause ] >> yeah, isn't that something. >> i know where page arizona is. lovely town. >> a lot of places you can't hear us, because rush limbaugh
7:06 am
needs 700 stations. [ laughter ] >> ellen in virginia last week you took a call from a right-wing guy who said he never met a woman on birth control who only had one lover. i have only made love to my well-hung husband, but i am on birth control pills. >> you slut. lee in chicago is a pastor who loves me. >> i'm the church pastor in the chicagoland area who loves stephanie miller. >> how awesome is that? >> thank you, leigh. >> i'm tired of the church being stolen by these far right-wing idiots. >> yeah. we just had an actress singer on yesterday -- >> yeah. >> she is on gcb, which we were saying it gets the right wings going insane.
7:07 am
it was based on a book that was called "good christian bitches." but honestly leigh, what people think christianity is about, like, really that's what you are going to get upset about? >> that's exactly right. if these idiots read the bible, they would see we're on the right side of every issue that they are against. >> there's not one group of christians that gets to claim this is what christianity is for forever, right? >> exactly. the attack on women -- have you got a minute? >> i have got nothing but time. go ahead. >> they brought a woman to jesus who was caught in the very act of adultery. my first question is where was the guy? >> there you go. thank you! [ applause ] >> yeah lots of people loved
7:08 am
our guest on the show yesterday. >> as did i. >> she is delightful, and she is teeny. she weighs 14 pounds. i did research and she is roughly 2.5 inches tall. >> she is like a sprite. she could be a menajeri. >> go ahead. shouldn't the same rules apply when the shoot to kill shoot to kill laws for killing somebody. the same thing should apply. >> in zimmerman's defense he was probably in danger of being given diabetes due to the skittles. >> yeah, that's right.
7:09 am
it's kind of subjective the media thread is. >> the ice tea was probably sweetened too. >> kim, in arizona. how are you? >> hi, it's me. >> oh, my good. >> how are you? >> good. >> i was calling about the woman who wasn't going to vote for santorum before -- >> right. >> if you never used the word nigger in -- >> oh, live media, it's exciting isn't it. >> i hope that got that in the current control room as well. >> yes. >> hi dave. >> good morning, momma. >> good morning. >> i have a copy of under the pink on pink vinyl. you were talking about torre amos last week. >> oh, yes. >> i have boys for paylay on
7:10 am
clear vinyl. >> wow. you are a big geek. >> now that i'm seeing you on television, i watched how you do the double kitty and i tried it, and hooked myself in the eye. >> yes, this is not for amateurs. >> i think this show should come with a warning label. >> yes, wear goggles. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> oh, creepy. >> let's drop into the right-wing world. oh it's juicy of juicy and juicier. >> does president obama have a problem with capitolism. because he said some things that sounded like not a big fan of capitolism. >> it sounded like he hates puppies. >> yeah, there is that fox
7:11 am
journalism. and rush limbaugh on the trayvon martin. >> this story is doing more harm to the black community an anything else. there is nothing -- that is uplifting or admirable, there's no -- nothing about this is -- pretends good. just a shame. all the way around. >> um. um. um. >> um. >> oh, i'm sorry, it's a shame all the way around. so it's all equal blame. >> yeah. ♪ >> trayvon had it coming. >> yeah, clearly. zimmerman was so horribly injured -- oh, that's right. he wasn't. >> i wonder about this so-called enhanced video. where is the blood? >> yeah. >> and who paid for this? >> abc show that on "word news," and he had a medical expert saying that should have been swollen, no, it's not --
7:12 am
>> yeah. >> there should have been way more abrasions than that. >> who said the original website, the daily caller, they were treating it like it was a brooder film. it's clear -- even this whole story, like jim -- it defies common sense when his surrogates are out there saying oh it's him crying for help. you are like, yeah the guy with the gun. >> yeah. >> john scott on fox news. >> what about the new black panther party issuing this bounty for george zimmerman. >> yeah. >> should there be the same level of media outrage? >> no! >> what about the fringe group of three guys that doesn't speak for anybody -- >> yeah, condemned by the original black panthers. and pretty much everybody
7:13 am
else -- >> isn't this the same story of the guy with the gun. let's go with this angle like the scary black president with the gun. >> bill o'reilly. >> the primary media outlets whip up the trayvon martin case. racial injustice has been done if there is not a conviction. pundits who have no blanking idea what happened that night, are putting innocent people in danger by commentary based on motion not facts. >> speaking of pundits who have no blanking idea what they are talk about. >> yeah, there goes your job, o'reilly. he just shoots his mouth off not knowing anything about the case -- he kept talking about a gag order. there's no case you moron.
7:14 am
there's no case and no judge. >> and nobody has been arrested. >> ted nugent. >> oh, great. >> i think we can all look to my deloved birthday of detroit as an example of what ritual policies will do to greatness. detroit is a canker sore compared to this glowing city on the detroit river i was raised in and it's the direct result of the mayors and jennifer grandholm of the world, and there's a tragedy of pimps and whore and welfare rats being blood suckers and destroying the greatest city in the world. >> no you didn't. not my new best friend jennifer grandholm. really? he is blaming everything in detroit on jennifer grandholm. really, now. okay. honestly this is a funny thing, everybody has to talk around the auto rescue which was just a
7:15 am
spectacular success, i mean -- okay. >> before she came along detroit was the shining city on the hill, but now -- >> yeah. now look what she did. we have to end -- >> yes, we are book ended by juicies. >> this is kind of a campaign document because it draws a bright line between what the republicans stand for, and what the democrats stand for. if you want big government vote democrat. if you want government that is making hard choices vote republican. >> i know let's take money away from pour people and let them all die. he is paid directly by the gop, right? >> yeah. >> he just spouts all the of their talking points. >> i know grandma is laying there in the medicare hammock,
7:16 am
let's cut it open. [ applause ] >> 17 minutes after the hour. charlie pierce coming up at the bottom of the hour. we continue on the "stephanie miller show." >> well, the bad news is that due to a relatively mild winter -- >> hello, current. >> let it out. let it out for current. there we go. that's stephanie miller we know and love. >> ahhhhh. ahhhhh. ♪
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct. >> volume one had broken records and shattered republican means. what once was only digital, is finally getting physical. ♪ let's get physical ♪ >> for the first time you can experience stephanie on cd. >> someone tweeted when the
7:20 am
caller dropped the n-word i don't think all of you would jump that high. yeah, that's the first time they had seen a reaction to something we have had to dump. >> that's why chris christy didn't get in. ♪ >> okay. we're back. >> uh-huh. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ i got a feeling, woo-hoo ♪ ♪ that tonight's going to be a good night that tonight's going to be a good night, that tonight's going to be a good good night ♪ >> it's going to be an honor
7:21 am
tonight. >> do it. do it. >> do it. >> do it. it's the "stephanie miller show." do it. the best way to host an online meeting, my listeners can try go to meeting free for 30 days. be sure to use the promo code "stephanie." today consists of things we have learning about live television. first they don't have a delay -- >> they have a delay, it's just not common. >> i would on that currently. a woman dropped the n-bomb. but they can't dump me when i drop an f-bomb by mistake. particularly when i get back from a sexy liberal, i let that one fly. >> that one didn't make on the air. almost.
7:22 am
>> you have had to dump me many times. >> remember when you were late to your own show you called in and used the f-word on your own show. >> someone almost hit my car. >> your car is 15-feet tall. >> don't get me fired from current for having too big of % car. stop it. let's go to julie in stat tan island. >> hi, good morning. all of my favorites are current tv. >> me too. >> when i saw david shuster it was such a surprise. i called all of my friends and said you have got to watch current tv. we have a choice. >> yay. >> the trayvon martin case i'm really curious how is abc
7:23 am
getting all of these tapes, and with all of the information and press that the -- you know the tragedy is receiving, how does that affect a possible trial going down the road? i can't see how this man is going to be able to get a fair trial, because they are going to say the jury pool is tainted -- >> and i think he hasn't done himself any favors by sending out all of these stories that are clearly inaccurate. >> this is true. but i would hate to see a technicality get in the way. >> i agree. apparently nbc did doctor that 911 tape. >> yes, it did. >> first of all you didn't need to. there are 49 calls with him making racial ones. >> that's right. >> i was like -- it's not okay to say that word on our show either. >> alan grayson said it.
7:24 am
>> you can say raccoon. >> i have lost control of my show a week into it. but i think that's unnecessary. i don't even understand why nbc did they. they spliced together two things about him saying the kid was black, but he was responding to the operator's question. >> that was irresponsible of nbc news. >> uh-huh. to me you don't have to trump up this case. it's pretty bad as it is. let's go to hector in fort worth, texas. >> hi, glad to be on the show. >> thank you. >> has anybody queried santorum about what he was trying to say when he said the half n-word. >> everyone since newt gingrich put the beat down on john cain, i think they get scared. i think they get scared.
7:25 am
but i'm like are you kidding me? have you heard -- let's just do the montage we have of rick santorum racist stuff that he said. i think they get scared don't they, jim? because his spokesman oh, that's ridiculous, give me a break. when he clearly said half the nword. >> he didn't answer the question. >> he said that's ridiculous. >> he attacked the person who asked the question but didn't answer the question. >> i want to make black -- people's lives better. we know the candidate of what obama was like the anti-war the n-the -- >> all right. we report, you decide. yes, jim go ahead. >> i didn't know until that happened that that was a phrase thrown around by racists. but apparently it is. and he forgot to turn off the
7:26 am
filter. >> uh-huh. randy in british columbia canada. >> hello. >> hi randy. >> i don't want to take anything away from this trayvon things but young fellas are murdered by public servants in this country constantly. the republican candidacy was in the toilet so i think they needed a diversion so they are shedding all of the light on this in particular -- >> because zimmerman is a republican operative? >> yeah. kind of. >> okay. that's a whacky theory. >> no. okay. 29 minutes after the hour charlie pierce next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:27 am
>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show we're keeping it real.
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maybe your child will figure it out. find out more at ♪ >> you look familiar are you on the television or something? >> sorry, buddy you have got me confused with -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> easy mistake to make. >> it is the "stephanie miller show" karl in nashville, you are on the "stephanie miller show." welcome, karl. >> well, you know what stephanie, two things. i watched the supreme courtcourt court -- listened to the transcripts, and i'm thinking in amazement that the republican
7:32 am
party is always complain about activist judges on the bench, and scalia is sitting there using every republican talking point, and i'm listening to this thing and i'm like that man -- you do realize if you are starving in america, and you go into a restaurant, that restaurant is not obligated to give you broccoli. but if you walk into the emergency wound with a bullet wound to the chest you will be taken care of, because that's the law of the land. >> yep. i thought -- karl, i thought one of the most telling moments is scalia was talking about vote count in the senate. and one of the other justices said why don't we leave the politics to congress -- >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> right. >> and another thing i saw -- when i listened to an interview with the guy, he was saying -- the interviewer asked him, well, what kind of insurance did he have? because he called in and said he
7:33 am
was against obamacare, because it was this and that. >> a lot of its. >> yeah. >> and he asked the guy, well which company are you with? and he said oh no no no. i don't have to pay for it. because i'm a veteran. i get it from the va. >> yeah, exactly. that's government. steve in detroit real quick -- who isn't offended by ted nugent steve? >> that was totally ridiculous. detroit does have its problem, yes. and we have a problem here yes, but having season that was born here and make all of his money off of the people of detroit to come on national radio and tv now -- >> sorry. >> it's ridiculous. something should be done about it. it's totally ridiculous. >> i hear you. i'm sorry.
7:34 am
you are right. we watch so you don't have to. now i have put him on national television as well. i make you watch so i don't have to. and then i regurgitate it and feed it to the kids >> like alicia silverstone. reason number 6,300 -- she said her kid loves it so much he launches into her mouth whenever they eat. >> it's like those 8 year olds that still breastfeed. >> yeah weird. i don't mean to weird. but i'm judging you. >> 18 year olds breastfeeding --
7:35 am
>> there is only one on now that understands. >> that's fetish. ♪ >> pierce. ♪ >> charlie pierce political columnist for ♪ why is everybody always laughing at me ♪ >> let's unzip and then find the real charlie pierce. >> hey! hey! hey! >> hi, charlie pierce. >> hello hello, and hello to our current tv watcher. >> hello. look at you, you are all excited. >> i'm in new orleans. i'm barely alive. oh boy. >> i love your piece, mitt romney, the unzipping begins. in a campaign full of weird moments -- >> this is also coming on the day where "politico" told us that ann romney was mitt romney secret weapon. she may be found of mitt romney's secret weapon but --
7:36 am
>> oh, charlie pierce. it appears to be ann romney day on the blog. she came out what is known as the rom-bot 2.0. are they both just so unaware of how things sound? >> i think they are both a little bit unaware about how real people speak. >> yes. >> there's kind of a -- there is colloquialisms among the lesser orders that they are not really familiar with. >> yeah, it's become -- i can't wait to do the montage about the thanks for the memories of the 2012 campaign. >> yeah. >> charlie today wisconsin, maryland yada yada -- as you have said we have been in a forced march to mitt-dom for sometime now. >> yeah, i think we're seeing
7:37 am
the democrats going i think we are going to be running against this guy. and newt gingrich isn't on anybody's radar anymore. >> santorum i believe yesterday said may is going to be a really good month for him. >> yes, the birds will sing the flowers will come out -- >> santorum will surge -- >> he just want win any elections in may, but -- >> april will be good for mitt, and if santorum stays in may will be good for him. >> the last time he ran in pennsylvania he lost by 15 points. >> he is not going to win california. >> but there are a bunch of southern states are there. >> how many southern states are there? >> aren't we through crackerland already? >> but those will get completely negated by romney winning
7:38 am
california and new york. >> by the way i thought mitt romney made the most cogent argument on the mandate with jay leno, didn't you? better than anything from the supreme court recently -- >> i think -- once again he's -- he's caught up on this thing in massachusetts. it was his idea it was originally the heritage foundation's idea. now everybody hates it. and he is really stuck on it. charlie listen to the president and tell me what you think. >> for years what we have heard is the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or lack of jew dishal restraint. that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a dually constituted and passed law. well, this is a good example.
7:39 am
and i'm pretty confident that this -- this court will recognize that and not take that step. >> he says that was his opinion. he was pretty forceful on it. what did you think? >> i think so. and i go back and forth as to whether or not he is being forceful on it. >> uh-huh. >> he makes a good point about conservative commentators talking about judicial activism but it is also true that democrats have been quite comfortable with that. everybody i know who knows anything about this said this would be kind of unprecedented. but the remarkable about it -- i'm not a constitutional scholar, i just play one on the blog, but everybody tells me this argument two years ago was considered ludicrous. so who knows.
7:40 am
>> yeah. >> depending on whether anthony kennedy has had his bran this morning. al gore just hid under the bed again. [ laughter ] >> oh, dear. he is going to take on the budget monster, paul ryan at 12:30 eastern. >> yeah, this one i like. this is an actual political fight with the zombieac granny starver. >> yeah, charlie pierce. >> we have been talk on and on about the trayvon martin coverage. bill keller of the "new york times" can count himself lucky with the shooting on the trayvon martin was the opportunity for
7:41 am
hate crime legislation. he wrote the most second-hand piece of commentary laurie pounded the keys hardest on what has become the stock answer for the justice in the hating of trayvon martin. how come you don't talk about black kids who kill other black kids. >> i understand if keller had wanted to write about legislation, the context of the tyler clemente verdict. that was part of the deal. this has not been registered as a hate crime in florida. people just want some sort of justice. you do a canvas if you are the local cop that's the first thing
7:42 am
you do. and apparently it wasn't done in this case. >> a bunch of things that weren't done. >> exactly. by the one one more thing before you go. republican senator scott brown and elizabeth warren in a statistical tie right now. you know, jim of course is like oh, no. and i'm like it's only march. >> yeah -- i have a jim ward moment before i get off of the air, but i never thought this was going to be anything more than a two or three-point race anyway. >> really? >> scott is a likable guy. >> it's like i got a truck and i wore pink patent leather shorts. >> people have come to really like the guy. like him or not, he has a very compelling personal story to
7:43 am
tell. which he is using this time around. his upbringing was really not terrific. not that elizabeth warren was born into the rommy family herself. >> yeah. >> it is going to be a multi-gazillion dollar race. >> right. i find her -- i think incredibly compelling and -- >> i'm not denying that either. that's why i think it is going to be a two or three-point race. anybody that tells you she has this enormous advantage because massachusetts is two-thirds democrat or whatever, that is not going to be a factor this time. >> so send a check to elizabeth warren. [ laughter ] >> anyway, i was walking around new orleans yesterday, and jim ward will remember this. i walked by 511 camp street. >> oh, wow, yes. >> jim?
7:44 am
>> it was -- go ahead. jim. lay it on them. >> it was the -- the cuban revolutionary council i believe -- >> it was the address that was stamped on the handbill of lee harvey oswald and the address of guy banister for the fbi. >> right. >> i tried to explain this to a group of sports writers, and they looked at me very funny. and i go i got to talk about this to jim ward. >> yeah that's like spook central, that part of new orleans. >> yeah. >> jim and i have strayed far from the pack. >> all right. conspiracy geeks break it up. >> thank, everybody. >> all right. break it up. 47 after the hour on the "stephanie miller show." that wasn't so bad was it? >> i got to say that was
7:45 am
fantastic. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ that to the show.
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct.
7:49 am
♪ ♪ this here's the story about billy joe and -- >> announcer: stephanie miller stephanie miller -- ♪ go on take the money and run, go on take the money and run ♪ >> uh-huh. woo hoo. 52 minutes after the hour. comedian extraordinary live in the studio in just a minute. jim in texas here we go. hey, jim. >> hello. >> hi, go ahead. >> i just wondered if somebody could ask mitt romney are you wearing the magic underwear
7:50 am
right now? >> oh. [ buzzer sounds. ] >> you would have to unzip him to find out. >> exactly. if we take ann romney's advice -- >> his undergarments have no bearing on the way he governs. >> that's right. hi, fred. >> hi, how are you doing? i'm fred. >> yes, you are. >> by the way i can't believe you are apparently gullible if you think an unarmed man can't kill or maim an armed man whether he has got a gun or knife or whatever -- >> yes theoretically is possible -- >> but a bag of skittles doesn't do a whole lot of damage fred. >> you can kill somebody in one punch. >> so you think a sid that is
7:51 am
unarmed and outweighed by about 100 pounds was a threat to george zimmerman? >> it doesn't matter how much he weighs -- >> unless you are ten feet away from him. >> and how do you know that? have you read the police reports or what? >> well, if there had been an actual investigation we would know exactly how far away he was -- >> fred, he stalked this kid. he followed him. he was not -- he didn't suddenly find himself in a situation where he felt threatened. >> right. and you can hear that on the 911 tapes. >> okay. well, i understand. i thought y'all were saying that because he didn't have a gun or a knife, he wasn't -- >> theoretically in some other theoretical situation perhaps. but not in this case. but thanks for calling. >> theoretically he could have called in an air strike on his
7:52 am
cell phone, and dropped napalm on him. >> and theoretically if my aunt had a [ censor bleep ] she would be my uncle. >> she could have thrown the skittles in his eyes and blinded him. >> yeah what if that would have been pez. >> yeah. or abba zabba. >> zing! yeah, that could have happened. what is up to the callers today? >> living in hypothetical land. rebecca has said we are getting some different callers since we have been on current tv. >> awesome. hi tv land! [ applause ] >> okay. >> they are used to super powers, and he might have been an exman, we don't know. >> right. >> he would have had rubber
7:53 am
arms. >> he could have been stretch armstrong. >> exactly. it looks like an arm, but maybe it's like a telescoping baton. >> he might have been able to blow people's heads off like scanners. >> yes, you just don't know these things. >> so you have to shoot first just to be safe. >> just to be on the safe side. the president on the supreme court healthcare. >> i think the justices should understand that in the absence of an individual mandate, you cannot have a mechanism to ensure that people with preexisting conditions can actually get healthcare. >> he said it's important to remember people this is not some abstract argument. people's lives are affected by healthcare. which is why we had alan grayson on this morning, because that
7:54 am
was not hyperbole. >> oh, for god's sake just die. >> because that will happen. >> responding to romney's campaign trail claims my entire career has been a testimony to american exceptionally. . thank you, mr. president. just zip yourself back up mittens. i have had enough of you. >> these have not been great times these last three years of barack obama presidency. he is responsible for the fact that the turn around has taken so long. >> had there been a third george busch term there would be no turn around. >> he thinks he is doing a good job. he said the other day he is doing a great job. >> okay. by the way, can i just say
7:55 am
that -- our slicer continues to make my head explode years after -- >> what has pumpkin head said now -- >> where is george w bush. because he is the invisible man -- he says it saddens me because i think president bush through a perilous time for our country kept us safe. >> yeah. 911 and two unnecessary wars. >> and he came in with the recession -- the clinton gore recession. >> also known as the surplus which he couldn't wait to spend on tax cuts. >> but in the middle the economy bombed. >> oh, my god. >> hitler wasn't such a bad guy. he built the autobahn. >> carlos is next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:56 am
♪ hello current tv viewers we are awaiting the arrive of carlos alazraqui he is the voice of the taco bell chihuahua. and i will make him do far-away dog. which is my favorite. [ laughter ] >> and we'll continue to explore the political piece where is george w. bush. apparently he is so to focused
7:57 am
on the bush center. >> he has a center? >> he has to acquire the book. >> is it a preschool? what kind of center is this? >> is that what the kids are calling it? >> that was my joke for the day. >> i didn't know. lots to come this hour with comedian carlos alazraqui. meantime serious news. hello, jackie. >> hello stephanie. good morning, everyone. former vice president dick cheney has been released from the hospital. he had heart transplant surgery ten days ago. also we're following the republican primaries, and while mitt romney is now turning his attention to attacking president obama rick santorum is desperate desperately trying to stay viable. there's no guarantee he will win his home state. the last time he ran for office
7:58 am
in 2006 he loss big to bob casey. president obama is set to speak at a lunch on and speak about the programs and services that will need to be cut to grow the middle glass. president clinton has agreed to do a few fundraisers, three to be exact. the reason why this is important is mccallus is the former gop chair and ran hilary clinton's campaign. and finally more than $100 million has been sent by outside groups. that is a considerable amount more than what was spent in 2008, and 2010. we can thank citizens united for
7:59 am
that one. more stephanie after the break. stay with us. ♪
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8:01 am
>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear.
8:02 am
no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho i'm walking on sunshine woe ho, and don't it feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and don't it feel good ♪ >> it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 6 minutes after the hour. the phone number, check it out. and now who is that handsome mug over there. >> that's good coffee.
8:03 am
>> coffee with carlos alazraqui. >> the zimbabwe latte. >> mountain grown coffee. >> i was going to make express sew. >> coffee with carlos. >> good to the last drop. >> who else has gene hackman in there. say it again! >> good morning. >> good morning. we missed your spawn that was just in there. >> my little baby was here. i came back from minnesota with a cold, you bet ya. >> yeah. did you get it from the little germ wagon. >> no it is like 90 degrees in minnesota, not that climate change is going on -- >> we don't believe in that sort of thing here on al gore's network. but don't worry about it.
8:04 am
>> they are saying now you have to sit uncomfortably close to jim ward. it's like a sitcom a sick guy and a hypochondriac. >> stay away from me mondays on abc. >> your baby gets cuter and cuter. >> thank you very much. she is only half of my heights right now. i'm bringing my wife's family down -- >> your lovely wife is hot and tall. >> she is hot and tall, and 20 youngers than me. >> my girlfriend is 17 years younger. i get all of the jokes like in albuquerque. you can't bring a toddler across state lines. >> the joke of my exwould have been carlos you want to dance with us? no, i'm going to wait two years for my wife to be born.
8:05 am
creepy. our first date i would have been 34, she would have been the decoy for the lemonade stand. >> i have got some coolers, want to party? >> uh-huh. [ laughter ] >> let's have a double date at chucky cheese. >> we will. >> you kids go in the ball jump. >> you play ski ball momma '5 i are going to have a cocktail. coffee with carlos. >> i think carlos was actually came up with the me as i aged, about don't change mommy's bath water, she had another accident. >> mommy had another bath water accident, and make some bubbles. and get the scooper. >> this is elder care. [ bubbling ]
8:06 am
>> i'm surprise there is not been a video of george zimmerman on men's warehouse. if you have been in a fight, i guarantee you are going to look better. >> nobody has ever cleaned up that nicely after a fight. >> you boxers get broken noses all the time, but great makeup. >> and the doctored videotape which shows huge cuts on the back of his head. where is the blood? >> where is the blood. he was cleaned up. you stopped at think laundromat too? i promised the kids can you please do far away dog. [ barking ] >> it just makes me happy. all right.
8:07 am
and my other favorite you have to see carlos do comedy live because he does an arthritic poodle -- >> yeah. you have to see the whole thing. >> so you have heard from the 2012 primary the biggest things ann romney thinks we need to unzip mitt romney to see the real mitt. ♪ who unzipped mitt romney now ♪ ♪ who let mitt romney out ♪ >> ah, these are pancakes pancakes, cars. ♪ nobody yet has the nomination ♪ >> pancakes, grits, cards ♪ ♪ who unzipped mittens now ♪ >> these are pancakes. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪
8:08 am
>> yeah, there you go. >> yeah the whole choir. the whole tabernacle is hanging out there. >> women are talking about jobs. women are talking about deficit spending. thank you women. we need you. we all need you in november too. we have to remember why we're upset and what we have got to do to fix things. >> we're upset about the republican candidates staging a war on women -- >> we need you to shut down planned parenthood -- wait a second. strike that one. >> yeah strike that. and rick santorum primary day in wisconsin. >> we feel very good we're going to have a strong showing, maybe even sneak in and have an upset. >> yeah. >> scott walker. >> by the way, i love when they keep comparing this race to the obama and hilary primary -- >> yeah. >> one or two weeks before the democratic convention hilary
8:09 am
clinton finally conceded she didn't win. >> okay. froththy here is the difference we had two spectacular candidates in a highly fought candidate, because they were both so strong. not this clown car that you currently are running. they really tried that carlos. they are all so good it's hard to decide. >> who is going to -- off women the least? we're waiting to see. >> steph in madison, you're on the "stephanie miller show" with carlos alazraqui. >> i just received a very frightening robo call on behalf of mitt romney last night. it was very homo phobic. it implied that if romney gets elected pretty soon men in high
8:10 am
heels will be teaching your children. >> it did not. >> yeah, that's what it implied. >> did it warn of the danger of pink balls? some kid in wisconsin he said not to use a pink bowling ball it probably leads to gayness. >> yeah, i didn't hear that part. but it was from some organization on his behalf the juice and christians -- >> oh, it's the hello, i'm a jew from massachusetts, and i'm a christian from connecticut. >> hello, carlos. >> hello. >> i'm a lesslesbian from hollywood. >> tracy in madison got a robo call too. >> hi stephanie, any, everyone congratulations. >> thank you.
8:11 am
>> can i be the michelle mocha mom from madison? >> oh, we needed one. >> and my seven year old could have flown his scooter under zimmerman's leg and made him die. but the calls have been completely whacky. i was going to talk about the one just before me, because i was stunned. i played it over like three times from a group called jews and christians dot org. and i'm a lifelong democrat. i don't understand why i have been indunundated by these robo calls -- >> and by the way these are pancakes. >> newt gingrich is still in it? who new? >> governor romney does haven't it locked down. and we have no obligation to back off and concede anything.
8:12 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> biggest tantrum ever. >> it's not over. >> pull over you are being lapped. all right. newt gingrich. >> i will be going to tampa -- we will both be going to tampa. >> okay. [ applause ] >> three people at the airport when he gets there. >> victor the victory elephant. >> did you see the tapes of callista grooming him like a monkey. >> oh. >> picking newts. [ laughter ] >> and bill clinton yesterday. >> it was just one long character attack but we never had to change what we were saying from the primary to the general. >> ah-ha. that's the different. >> yeah, exactly. bridget in michigan you are on the "stephanie miller show" with
8:13 am
carlos. >> hi, stephanie i wanted to comment on the trayvon martin case. >> yeah. >> and i was just curious did they ever say if there were any identifying marks on zimmerman's car because they usually have these magnetic sign -- >> how doofy is that anyway? it's like a do it yourself -- >> yeah. but they usually have that. >> that's what someone was saying there was no way trayvon would know he was anybody. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> edward scissorhands it's like he came after me with those giant scissors -- no he was just grooming your hedges. the point where the 911 operator said don't follow him, it should end there. >> maybe we're a little
8:14 am
sensitive. but really a guy is following you a gun and saying where are you going and where do you live? would you turn around and go here is my wallet. and here is where i live. >> oversell louseness and firearms don't coexist. >> hi lisa. >> hi, stephanie. how are you guys today? >> good, go ahead. >> i want to talk about the trayvon martin. i was looking at the surveillance video, and it always struck me at how high mr. zimmerman's injuries were on his head. i was like wow, the injury is almost on the top of his head what did trayvon do bend his neck all the way back? >> yeah, the whole story, did you see his brother said one
8:15 am
more, and he would be in diapers for the rest of his life. >> he is the real victim. >> clearly is he. >> 18 minutes after the hour more coffee with carlos alazraqui. >> god, what did you have for breakfast this morning, carnation instant bitch. >> let me give you a snapshot -- >> hello, current? this is carlos alazraqui. talk for 30 seconds. i'm done. i have been doing well, thank you. [ laughter ] >> it's so edward scissorhands. >> yeah. >> he was evil, he was ominous.
8:16 am
he needs to die. calm down. again, i don't know why -- who knows what trayvon would say. that's what i want to know -- i wish somebody . . .
8:17 am
8:18 am
i know this stuff and i love it and i try to bring that to the show.
8:19 am
yeah and the mosquitos are out already -- >> okay. we're back on current tv. >> hello current. >> hello current. >> oh, the current show. [ laughter ] >> oh, there is a request for boxcars. >> we have that on -- >> we have that one recorded. >> i know. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ >> it is the "stephanie miller
8:20 am
show." welcome it to. 24 minutes after the hour. old home week on the "stephanie miller show." carlos alazraqui, my original voice guy, now look at the magic that is in his life. >> it's old home week. [ humming ] >> i remember when we were in a dingy old building back in los angeles. back then we were in black and white. i cleaned up today because i wanted to look half like the world's most dr. -- interesting man. i don't always do radio, slash tv, but when i do i prefer "stephanie miller show." there are no lizzards.
8:21 am
>> is rick santorum a creepy pier or just drugged up on pills. >> do you still have your lesbian patch on now? >> no. but he was on painkillers. that's why he did so badly in the repeats. >> i'm wearing a ben gazara patch. >> the three branches of pain pills are aleve -- >> manager for rival campaign was at a urinal before the debate on october 11th -- >> oh, boy. >> this isn't going to end well. >> no. >> is there a hand signal -- >> no when he heard someone through the door loudly singing i have been working on the railroad. turned his head and saw with his
8:22 am
surprise it was the governor of texas. >> that's what all of the non-racist people sing. >> just weird. >> i been working on the railroad for a pretty long time. >> all right. you guys sing when you pee? >> no! >> i sing oh black water -- ♪ oh black water keep on rolling ♪ >> then you have a problem. >> i can't do it without panels. >> ana in chattanooga. >> hi, stephanie. >> hey, ana. >> i wanted to comment on the war on women. >> yes. >> i'm 61 years old. i had an inlegal abortion by mother -- religious mother forced me to at age 15. if anyone knew what that is like? because i almost died the night i had it from massive infection. >> was it done in some sort of a clinic situation --
8:23 am
>> it was a doctor's office, but ho wasn't -- he was like a chiropractor or something. i was only 15 -- >> ana you are absolutely right. that's the whole point. we are not going back. >> when john irving son the best screen play, you thought at that point, we get it now. abortions have to be federally funded and legal. rich people are always going to get abortions. they will go to they private doctors in the middle of the night in nice clean situations, and nobody is going to hear about them. >> as bill clinton used to say safe, rare, and legal. >> she wants to come home and decompress and relax and i believe that she's being absolutely honest with you when she says she doesn't think she'll go back into politics. but if she comes home, and we have foundation stuff the rest of your lives i'll be happy, if she changes her mind i'll be
8:24 am
happy. >> oh, left the door open. casting that out there. >> four more years of what's his face and she is back in i tell ya -- >> i'm not saying i like it when she is out of the office. >> oh, wow. ♪ >> linda trip. >> he actually did the listen ta trip before anyone knew what she sounded like. it was awesome. >> thank you. >> i always do the stalker. >> tell me the dirty. >> you are really accurate. 29 minutes after the hour. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:25 am
is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
8:26 am
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8:28 am
>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear.
8:29 am
no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. ♪ >> people are out living their lives, but i wasted mine watching tv, because i knew one day it might help -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> -- save the world. >> you like my wonder woman sign? >> i love it. >> carol in manhattan writes steph i just surfed my way into the show this morning and was very pleased. i'm in new york city midtown. i'm going to watch every day just to make sure it is as good as i think it is. it is that good carol. it is not your imagination. nancy in madison, you are on the
8:30 am
"stephanie miller show." >> hi, steph i know since this is such an important day in wisconsin with this exciting wisconsin primary, i should be talking about that -- >> yeah. >> but i'm really more interested in something that is far more important and that's the sexy liberal show that is coming. >> april 14th. it has been sold out for months. >> i bought a ticket for myself and my husband, and here is the problem i have. both my husband and i are very sexy. i am very liberal then you can see what the problem is. he is not. [ screaming ] >> oh, no! >> do you know how many reluctant spouses get dragged to the show -- >> i would just like to see maybe you can make this show a little bit more sexy and a
8:31 am
little less liberal. >> he will like it. we have lots of republicans dragged against their will. >> go check it out may is coming up with alicia tyler in indianapolis. boston in june. l.a. in july. >> you may like it so much you will get a social disease. or an anti social -- this has been the best republican nominee primary ever? >> even ron paul hanging out there, i got a shot. it's like chris lloyd in roger rabbit okay! >> it looks like somebody short sheeted his suit. he looks like he gets picked on. and nobody is covering this except for us. rick santorum dropped the n-bomb on the president. and this is not the first time.
8:32 am
we have a bunch -- >> i don't want to make -- people's lives better. we know -- woe! >> i got to talk to you, come here. can't you see that that man is a nit. >> that was blazing saddles, but you get the point. >> yeah there's no slicing and dicing or magic editing that is going to fix that one. what did they say he said -- >> oh, that's ridiculous. >> nig -- big deal. >> and santorum claims california universities don't teach american history. >> that's a lie. >> he was speaking of the university of california system. and the only school in that system that does not teach american history is uc of san
8:33 am
francisco because it is a medical school. >> somewhere somebody is going i agree, they don't really teach american history. get out of here! >> yeah. jim is correct of the ten schools, san francisco is the only one because it is a medical school and as i mentioned -- >> they teach american history. >> he has previously called colleges indoctrine nation mills. >> do you know what college he went to? >> i don't know. >> do we know? >> no. not entirely certain. >> oral roberts. >> hey! >> i know where fox gets their science. the daily mail. the british tabloid. last week they ran -- the daily
8:34 am
mill ran a story headlined is this finally proof we're not causing global warming. fox runs a news headline study refutes global warming. >> is that murdoch -- >> yeah. >> it's all part of that rupert murdoch network that they don't break out of. >> yeah. >> buddy you are on the "stephanie miller show" with carlos. hi buddy. >> hey momma. good to hear you muffed up. >> i am muffed up. >> please, it's what rick santorum said. it reminds me like last summer my son is a big -- good looking
8:35 am
kid. and he got emailed this girl backed up to the camera and she was making a kissy face and he goes dad it is not what you think it is. and i go son, i might be old but i'm not dead. >> we're, f-f-friends. >> i know fox it's like saying there is a witness who saw his head being bashed in but they never go into about the shooting itself. all they talk about the head being beaten against the concrete. and it's like saying, well his father -- is telling this story and we had these eyewitnesses but they seem to forget about luis abner. there were eyewitnesses that do
8:36 am
lie. if you ever watch "48 hours." and also sean had the defendant's father on saying his son was always innocent. >> he did a prior interview. >> zimmerman, did. >> one of the more macabre comments is when the president commented on the case. but the president said something that i caught was really eloquent. after the president gave his statement the right began combing the obituary pages to find examples of recently killed americans and demanded to know why did he comment on this -- this is like bristol palin coming out, and saying i'm
8:37 am
waiting for the president's phone call -- >> she learned how to play the victim by her mom. >> there was an example on facebook that said a white teenager killed a block teenager and set him on fire. and obviously that's horrible. but it is not an equivalent. but this one was an adult pursuing a kid. and again, just -- you have to go back to it. it should stop when 911 operator says don't follow him. so whether or not zimmerman was attacked we don't know but it could have been avoided. >> this is always just a way to juice tragedies against the president politically. when the president takes a position on something, roughly 50% of the nation decides to take the opposite position. once obama spoke out, it became a democratic issue. and they talk about the
8:38 am
republicans -- they feel free now to smear a dead kid whether it's using inaccurate pictures or posts from online or whatever they have to do. >> it's like that monty python where he has to say splunge. you are fired! splunge. what does it mean. it doesn't mean yes or no. oh, splunge for me too. >> the country has turned into a 24-7 argument clinic. ♪ imagine all the people saying the word splunge ♪ >> hi, stan. >> hi, how are you? >> good. go ahead. >> i have two comments but my understanding of the florida healthcare and stand your ground
8:39 am
situation now amounts to if you go into your hospital and the doctor is afraid of your illness, he has a right to shoot you. >> i think that's an incorrect understanding. that was a little joke. let's go to eric in l.a. on trayvon as well. hey, eric welcome. >> hey i just wanted to comment, these law and order republicans talk about protecting themselves like in the old west. if you were in a bar fight -- in a bar, and you shot an unarmed man, they would take you out and hang you. >> yeah. yeah. >> yeah. it has already been said before, if the case were reversed if zimmerman were black and trayvon martin were white, there is no question -- >> where else would you have a bar fight unless in a bar. >> ummm -- >> a portable bar and you brought the bar with you -- >> in a ballet studio at the bar fight. >> hi, floyd. >> yeah, good to see ya.
8:40 am
i'm a republican but i go back to eisenhower and i can guarantee you there's been no -- there is no republican party today. it's a joke. >> yep. >> it is the biggest laugh that i have ever witnessed in my lifetime. >> my dad was -- >> real republicans would turn over in their graves. >> that's right. my dad worked with -- eisenhower and i think they all -- i think they are all turning in their graves. >> they brought the gi bill and -- >> that's right. and warned against the military industrial complex. that was after the cia screwed him just before the paris peace talks were about to happen -- >> the point is floyd would like everyone to get off of his lawn. >> oh, stop it. we like floyd.
8:41 am
[ applause ] >> eisenhower! >> i remember the day that eisenhower! [ laughter ] >> 45 minutes after the hour. >> i remember william howard taft told me we were in a bar fight -- >> stop it. we like our listeners. >> we'll be right back with the remaining moments on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ i don't just talk about politics, i've lived politics. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>bringing you exactly what's happening in politics today by people who know what they're talking about. >>d.c. columnist and four time emmy winner bill press joins current's morning news block. >>i know what i'm talking about and i love it and i try to bring that to the show.
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ they call my name they call
8:46 am
my name ♪ ♪ they call my name ♪ >> my name is. >> uh-huh. it is though "stephanie miller show." 50 minutes after the hour. hump days with sexy liberal housewives tomorrow. sexy liberal carlos alazraqui is in the studio with us. you probably know him as deputy garcia -- >> that's right. i don't like to wear the mustache in public. >> you never had to grow one did you? >> i did for the movie, and i looked like a really bad sicky freddy mercury. children at halloween, that's a scary costume, mister. that's right get out of here. >> rocco. >> that's right. sign up and meet rocco -- >> you brought you little girl. you must be the funnest dad
8:47 am
ever. >> i am the funnest dad. [ censor bleep ] >> you da -- crap. they were jammys they had yodas in them -- >> all right. the wife of the disturbed jet blue pilot wants us to know he is not intentionally violent. >> hum. >> some speckation on the webs -- that it's aspartame. >> oh. >> just eat sugar and get fat and land the plane for god's sake. >> he was always preaching against evil and going into aer is month before he went crazy -- could that be called christian terrorism? >> oh! >> we have always had some disturbing flights being on the road, but that has got to ruin your whole day. i'm sorry, the pilot said what?
8:48 am
>> rick santorum was flying the plane? >> he was going off on the evils of las vegas which was their final designation. >> oh! >> crash right into thunder down under! how is that >> all right. robert de niro thinks john travolta is a sissy. >> we were just watching a kids life. i am so scared hot shot. your fancy says over your scientology says are over hot shot. >> they are filming "killing season" together, and they had a scene where they were supposed to exchange blows and travolta wanted his stunt man to do it, but de niro insisted it was no
8:49 am
big deal. so travolta agreed to fall in the water but the double rolled down the hill. >> just roll right into it. >> it's right there. >> it's right there. gravity. take you right down. i'm on top of you, you are on top of me. >> [ inaudible ] from chicago. >> congratulations, steph. >> thank you. >> i'm calling because i'm getting very angry that the media is not putting out there that zimmerman was not a member of the neighborhood watch program. and think progress. >> oh, interesting. >> you haven't heard that? >> well, that's what we were saying, somebody called earlier and said -- he obviously had no indication. because people were saying if trayvon would have just told him
8:50 am
where he was going -- if you saw some guy who is not in a uniform what would you do? >> i don't know. >> i love this story. the where is george w. bush story. [ cricketing chirping ] >> chasing armadillo into a cave. >> the former president is in self imposed political exile. his father and brother backed mitt romney, and then i said what every rick fleischer said he said it saddens me because i think president bush through a perilous time for our country
8:51 am
kept us safe. a spokesman said he is really focused on the bush center. >> that he is. >> the book he needs. it is taking up all of his time. >> it's made of leg goes. >> they were talking about the awkward conversation segment that happened after the george hw bush -- hw asked romney has he endorsed you. and romney was like oh no. awkward! >> i am the most awkward man in the world. >> one of bush's former aids said he expects his own surprise generally the way that bush responds that politicians that lead through difficult times -- that he got us into.
8:52 am
history often takes a different view. [ applause ] >> years from now -- george w. bush will be considered -- >> yeah, the greatest president ever. >> once everything comes out. >> objects tend to look much stupider in your mirror. >> we have this surplus here. >> we need a war on iraq. >> mike lefet was busch's secretary of health and human services. there are lots of political candidates who would love to have his support. this is vintage george w. bush who has made a decision. he has decided he doesn't want to be involved, but people would love to have his endorsement. >> i'm the decider. >> scott jennings said bush's attachment is a testament to his quote, lack of any insecurities. >> he is the decider, he was left out watchman group.
8:53 am
they are surely coming to get me. i'm the decider. >> another bush advisor, i can't recall many presidents getting involved except the narcissistic bill clinton. yeah, maybe because he was wildly popular. whatever bush people. carlos alazraqui where can we see you live. >> may 18th at a benefit for rick naherra. rick was injured severely back in march. you can go to and also this weekend april '67 at the flappers in claremont. >> all right. we'll see you tomorrow on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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